Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving letter!

Well it was pretty normal we were still on lock down, but we had soirée family. It was really good and helped everyone laugh for a bit. 

We had some miracles and RDVs! So our amie Marie has been meeting with the missionaries for over a year now. She's baptized Protestant, and even though she comes to our church every Sunday, she still isn't sure if it's the true church. So the last RDV we had with her she said her one hesitation is the churches history. So after some prayer I thought about showing her the movie Legacy. We watched it together, and after six months of hard core RDVs of gospel principles and throw downs of faith, she looked at us with tears saying, this movie has answered so many of my questions, I feel so much more ready to act on my faith and be baptized. ARE YOU KIDDING. After 6 months of stress and grief over getting her to find the truth for her self all I had to do was pop in the movie LEGACY! Hahaha talk about a humbling experience. It's not me who teaches it's the spirit, that's for sure. After that we met up with a member Ntokozo, and our recent convert JJ. We talked about why bad things happen in the world. How trials can be consecrated for our gain. It was a really good lesson, we talked about a sermon that Jesus gave, and mostly we talked about how to love your enemies, as it was the day everyone learned France had officially declared war against Deach (ISIS?) Anyways after that we went to a mangez-Vous with the Javoy family. They are straight from Madagascar and I finally remembered to tell her Tyler got his mission call there, when I told her she just about died the gasped and said, "He is the luckiest person alive" haha she also with their husband served a couples mission there since they moved to France. Biggest part. President Foot, the president of the Madagascar mission right now served the France Paris mission! And served in Orleans haha. So needless to say almost all of the members here know him. They LOVE him. He was an amazing missionary they said, and when they heard he'd been called as president they all just about died of happiness haha. So anyways, Soeur Javoy told me she still emails President Foot regularly and is writing to him about a "Tyler Schnoor" who will soon be in the mission, and a great asset to him in the field. Haha I love this ward. Oh also she made us take some videos for him, that's what I put on iCloud, it's her speaking Malagasy. (She's a native) 

We had district meeting. We talked about how we didn't "shrink" this transfer. What we did to keep ourselves motivated and going until the end. It was really good, we got all the way through lunch, then a phone call. There was another shooting in Paris, and we were to be extra careful, (were already uber careful, I don't get how they can keep saying be more careful lol) and so without a phone our district leader told us just not to leave the church until our meeting with the DMP later that day, so we didn't really do anything, which was a bummer. But Soeur Kemp taught me how to Waltz, haha so yep. Then we had our meeting with the DMP and then it was a big relief society activity for making Christmas decorations. #homemaking 

Woke up and studies went ok, until because it's the last week of the transfers we had to sign each others Soeur books, long story I'll tell you about those later, but I was reading s bunch of sentimental stuff in everyone's books and all of a sudden I was balling my eyes out and Soeur Tilby couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying so she just came and hugged me, then I just kept saying I don't want to leave. So yeah that was really hard, and embarrassing. But whatever, I got a horrible headache from it so I told her I was going to lay down. Well the headache just got worse and worse, I ended up falling asleep for like 3 hours, and Soeur welter had been throwing up so Tilby and kemp with on an exchange to all of our RDVs, and I just slept with Soeur welter, all day. Then we had to go to one RDV that night, and we got there, with the member, but they weren't home. So that was a bummer. But we just went home I took a hot shower and slept the rest of the night. 

Woke up earlier to catch the train to Paris. My head was still hurting and all I did was sleep and drink water. I think it was just because I'm over stressed and exhausted. We got to Paris and prayed about how we should get to St. Merri, then we got to see the new AP... Elder McBride! Haha that was funny we just laughed. Anyway, then we went to OFII, and spent the day there. I met all the new blues all elders, but in a couple weeks there will be a huge group of sister like 12! So stoked. Then we took the train home, I didn't want to do anything in Paris just Soeur Tilby and I. Then we got home and do transfer prophecies for the next day. 

Alright so we woke up, and went down to see repertoire. Guess what! I'm staying in Orleans in a trio with Soeur kemp and Tilby! Haha for a week and a half. Then home! So happy! Then after repetoire we went home and Soeur welter was still super sick, it had been three days of it now, so we called the mission nurse. She told us to go to the hospital, but they had a RDV, so I took Soeur welter to the hospital here in Orleans and got her checked in, then waited. The nurse guy I thought was kinda attractive and I translated for Soeur welter and him lol. That's a funny story. Anywhosers he told us if we wanted to we could wait another 7 hours, and he could start looking into taking blood and ultrasounds, but our best bet was to go to a sort of urgent care doctor. So after that we went to the doctor who checked her up and turns out she has a really bad stomach virus that's hitting around Orleans, and it's contagious.. Lovely. So he gave her like 4 different medications and then we went to the pharmacy to pic them up. You know I'm glad I knew some medical terms, and that medicine is mostly all the same root words because it was a long day of doctors apts. At least it's not appendicitis! Which is what the nurse thought it could be.

Soeur Tilbys birthday! Yay! We woke up at 6:30 and sung happy birthday to her. Then Soeur welter has been on bed rest so I had to stay home with her. So I had another Sunday of no church which is just weird as a missionary. But, I stayed home and made cheeseburger buns that Tilby has been requesting for weeks now. I made her a chocolate cake, and we each got her a present so we wrapped them in news paper and made a banner and hung it up for her. 
We then planned out the entire young adult Thanksgiving activity for Saturday! Pray for it to all go well! 

Happy thanksgiving! 
Eat some turkey, stuffing and potatoes for me. Thank you for the card. In lieu of (get it, it's French haha) what I learned this week, I'll tell you what I'm thankful for. 
  1. The possibility we have to change, thanks to Jesus. 
  2. The France Paris Mission.
  3. My family, and all they do to support me in my goals.
  4. My super awesome companions on the mission, I've needed every one of them, and learned so much.
  5. The power of prayer, and faith. 
  6. This church, and all it can do to help people.
  7. The French language and it's humbling powers haha
  8. The health I've had throughout my life.
  9. People that I have met and helped on the path of discipleship.
  10. Paris, Rennes, and Orleans the greatest villes I could have ever asked for. 

Hope you have an awesome week, and think about your blessings this week. 
Soeur Stevens 

Ce fut une belle journée 

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