Saturday, May 23, 2015

This was an answer to a question I asked Ashley about her experience developing Christlike attributes from Preach my Gospel #6

Well, recently in the last couple transfers I have really felt myself changing, and  some of it started with the "obedience section in chapter 6. My FAVORITE quote is "obedience is an act of faith" I have learned in this mission more and more that when you are exatly obedient, you faith grows, so how do we grow our faith? By being obedient to all of God's commandments. 

Another is Charity and with that prayer... 
A little while ago I started a prayer list, of everyone I wanted to pray for and the specific needs they had. I listened to a testimony of an elder before he left the mission we call them "dying testimonies" (they are my favorite, I learn so much from them) and an elder told us.
"You know in France everyone has balconies, the french use them to smoke, missionaries use them for prayers, "comme vous voulez" "as you wish" haha. But It was a ways into my mission that I had a serious wake up with prayer. At night when it was time to curl up in bed and say your prayers you huddle up in ball and wrap your blanket around you and you semi look like a turtle, but your warm, and you are tired and you finally start your prayers... then some how 5 minutes later you wake up a little big again and bam, you just slept through half your prayer! haha you know what I am talking about I've seen you all do it! But in reality, I want to sum up my mission in one word. Adversity. and how to over come it. It is when I realized those precious moments of nightly prayers to be so useful. My mission started to get pretty hard pretty fast, as you all know, I found myslef quickly being overwhelmed with the trials I faced everyday. I realized I needed to fall down on my knees and pray. I started using that balcony, I would go and shut the door, at it was just me and God, I started to just pray to God, Let these burdens be lifted from my back, please father I cant do this anymore, and slowly day after day, you dont have the burdens lifted, but God strengthens you to be able to carry them yourself, and then you see the difference, you have more faith, you see your growth, and you become strong enough to then carry others burdens and you start praying for your amies, your families, and in the end your companion. You pray to God, that if you could, just take their burdens off it would all be worth it, and slowly ever so slowly, that is how a missionary has a true testimony of Christ, because we start praying for the same team, we start to understand His love, we as Elder Holland says, "spend atleast few moments in Gethsemane. Missionaries andmission leaders have to  take at least step or twotoward the summit of Calvary." 

Prayer and charity, S.Back has a quote that says "It all comes back to Charity" so true. Everyday I learn that. Service, and charity that is why we are here. 

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