Saturday, May 23, 2015

A note before mother's day- and a report that she is getting an IPAD...

This week was HARD. lots of rejection. lots of depression. phone calls to President. Thinking about a companion going home. still wondering if it'll happen. 
MIRACLES: taught one good lesson, the others were one of my comps breaking down and crying, I'm thinking about passing some of our amies to the elders so that they get taken care of while I've got to get this drama undercontrol.
Thanks for the package I love it! Really helped me! I really do love these sisters and Soeur Walton is AMAZING I could not do this without her, she is just a ball of laughter, and combined we are really trying to bring life to this equipe. It is pretty hard, but I prayed for mountains, So... yep gotem! 

So happy the ward is doing awesome, and I will get to skype you this week, we are going to one of my favorite families here the Chevé family. They are awesome. I will tell you more on skype, also I dont think we are really aloud a time limit because we dont have ipads, or something, idk we got this new rule book, and everything seems to have changed, we get ipads on the 21st of May. STOKED! so yep.... thats my life. LOVING IT

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