Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Decisions about life

Hey mom, so news. I wrote a letter that explains more, and I am sending a package tomorrow, so hope it gets to you soon! But I have decided to stay and serve all 18 months, which sounds sad to think that I was thinking of leaving earlier, but I just have been praying and I really felt like that was what I was supposed to do. So i figured out i will get home Jan.6th 2016. then in sacrament I had an over whelming feeling like I need to go to Utah State, so thats what I decided and today I just checked the dates and Utah State Starts Jan.11th!!!! BYU both start earlier, its all fitting perfectly. Its going to be hard, I wont be home for a long time, but hey at least this time I will have a phone! And maybe you can come and stay with me for a bit getting everything ready. Idk just ideas, but I love you, and this week was amazing, so much growth and S.Hansen is doing AMAZING! were going to nantes tomorrow after district meeting. I love you all. Excited for the package! I kinda want american food, like those fruit leathers were SOOOOOOOOOO good, :) miss them! I miss the american things this summer. I cant believe it is almost june! My how time flies, but now 7 months :) Im so happy to be here and serve the Lord. 
I love you ,
Love Soeur STevens

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