Sunday, March 8, 2015


Some miracles that have happened lately... 

1. Ok so we have this amie, Jessica. She is only 22 and she has a baby, like 14 months. Ok so we went over to teach, she puts her baby Ky in the high chair to eat some bread while we talk, and were teaching the story of the book of mormon, and we got to the part about Christ ressurection in 3 Nephi, and she looked confused, and asked. "I didnt know we could be ressurected too? Like is this possible I want to know more!" Then, right then as I literally was about to say "YES YOU CAN" Her sons chair magically fell over! Like that thing is a solid high chair, how? Well, his head hit the wall and landed I saw it happen we all did, and I immediately started to say the biggest prayer of my life, I was just waiting for the blood like his neck was squashed betweek the wall and the chair, I cant even describe how wierd it was, and she runs over to him screaming, we all thought we needed to call 911. She picks him up, and he cries, not a bruise on the kid, and he stops in like 30 seconds, and we got to contine the lesson. But in those few moments I just got this feeling like angels were with us, and that he was caught by them, really it was an experience, we were also like, come on his chair happened to flilp over right when we talked about the ressurected Christ.. Satan was trying to stop us! It didnt win! HE NEVER WILL! Not when S.Ellis and I are teaching! hahaha.. but It was a crazy experience.

2. We were on the bus wednesday night last week, and it had been a long, but full day of work, there was just one other girl and guy on the bus as we were heading to the church, and the drivier. So we were sitting there just laughing and talking about the irony of our missions being a lot like what you hear at home, and all of a sudden we just stopped mid sentance and heard someone whistle ing Nearer My God To Thee. We looked at eachother... then the guy ahead of us.. he was on his phone reading, not singing, then the girl, who was just sitting there, and then the driver we could see through the mirror, who wasnt whistling. We were really confused.. so being the dork that I am I started humming with it to see if it was another person on the bus, but like loud enough that one of them might turn around.. nobody did. It kept going. We got to our stop and got off (its kinda in the counrty) and the guy got off and went the other way... it was still with us. Loud in our ears as we walked up the driveway of the church. We knew there was an angel with us, it was just the day of some amazingly blissful moments, but I just couldnt stop thinking about that pick by Greg Olsen with the two missionaries and the angel with them. It was that moment for us. Except I think this angel really wanted to be noticed lol. To this day we still cant figure out where that came from, on a silent bus, came the song nearer my god to thee. 

Ok so those are just a few of the miracles we get as missionaries.. today we are going up to Fougers to see castles!!! Yeah I'll send some pics next week!

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