Sunday, March 8, 2015

A walk in the country...

Coucou, (nobody says Salut anymore... sad) 
Alors, qu'est-ce que se passé cette semaine.....
Well, we worked a ton, we had zone conference, I talked to President, I love that guy, he just makes me so happy everytime we chat. He said he is really happy about the progress of rennes. He asked me a lot about the other soeurs in the apartment, I think he was like hoping I was going to be some sort of example to them.. in the end they have taught me way more. But, I do get called mom a lot... so thats weird. He asked me if there was anything I wanted or how the mission was going, we had a good chat about it, I asked him for a francophone... he replied some what like. " I already gave you one, stop asking, you speak fine." haha so yeah.. I think my francophone days are over. I got to see Elder Hall again. Oh that was fun! I almost cried, I miss Paris a lot. But I love Rennes so much too, it was just wierd feelings. We talked for a long time about stuff. Then I had my exchanges with the STL, she just asked me a ton about the other soeurs, ah I'll write you a letter. but it was an amazing exchange! Really I loved her and we need 3 new STL's next transfer.. ohh more changes in the mission.. my guess is Soeur Tippet will become an STL next transfer. I think I will stay in Rennes until May. Im excited. I think I will do 12 more weeks here and then leave somewhere for the rest of my mission. 
Ah today we are going to go to Fougers, to visit some castles!! YEAH! SO excited. then we have a dinner with a member family and amie, so easy day! Tomorrow we are thinking about going to St. Malo for some pass bys. I'm excited to leave Rennes for a bit. Oh what else. We are just keeping so busy, I havent even had time to write in my journal or write a lot of letters home with more detail. But it keeps time going by fast. We are in awe that we only have 2 weeks until the next transfer already! AH! Oh and next week is my 8th month mark! wow... wierd. Almost half way done already. Time is  flying. But I love it. Im so blessed to be here with all these amazing people!

So we teach an amie Lilly, from California but moved here with her French husband, so we speak english yeah! Anyway, she lives out in the boonies of Rennes. We went to go teach her but missed the bus, and so we have to walk about 2 miles through the country to the next station. BEST NIGHT OF THE MISSION! Just strolling under the stars in the middle of nowhere France. 

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