Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dancing, sunshine, conference coming, ice-cream ...

Well this week really flew by thats for sure! I learned a lot and a lot of things changed. I am not sure what to write about it. We did a lot, taught a lot, it was pretty hot, were all getting a nice coat of color so were not invisible anymore haha, but yep a pretty spiritual week for us here. 
We had our district meeting outside, so that was fun, then we just contacted a lot. I met a couple from England, I wrote mom a letter back, with a lot of details on life. haha. 
I am glad everything is going well for you all and that the talk went great, and you all had a RS breakfast! Thats awesome! Oh the ward here is having a big party for Spring, on May 29th and if I stay in Rennes for another transfer which I really want to, I love it here, I will be there for it, and the best part is that its a cultural dance fest, so I am learning a bunch of island dances now for this ward party, I think I just want to cry of laughter from the practices we have, but I learned the Pilou Pilou, dance ahaha its pretty fun, I think its from the island of Maurice. 
Really its was just a nice week, of SUNNY weather and nights where I have just had very spiritual moments telling me I am right where I need to be, doing what I should be doing! So I really just love life this week, and this next week is going to be awesome preparing for the elders here to have a baptism and one of the member families we work with their son will be baptized too, then we get to know what is happening next transfer, then we go to paris and then we will have pday then we will have transfers so... not much "missionary work" but just other organization stuff and training going on this week. I am excited. Oh next week my pday is on TUESDAY April 28th, because the conference is all day Monday, so I will be emailing TUESDAY, so dont freak out if I dont send anything haha. 
I got a call from S.Simpson who was a little distraught and wanted to talk. Another soeur in the Paris zone went home from depression, and her colleuge was being transfered to a trio with S.Simpson and her comp. I reasured her all would be well, and she could do it just fine. 
Then S. Bell called me and she has been in the hospital for the last 4 or 5 days because her appendix burst! Then it infected her small intestines! So yikes, but her family gets to call her whenever to check in, she is doing well, but needs some love and change. I wish I could have been there, I guess only the AP's and President were there for a bit, but then they had to go to Germany to pick up the ipads for the mission conference. So she was alone in the hosptial for a long time... but I think she will be fine. 
What else is happening, Oh today!
St. Malo.... were going back when we come and tour around france ok?! haha my favorite little town yet. Just the best relaxing place in the world! 
Ate the BEST ICE CREAM EVER MADE! its called Sanchez its super famous, a member told us we HAD to get it, so we did, and it was the best 5 euros ever spent! Lets just say I got a flavor called "amour de glace" i think you could take that literally.. lol. were coming back, even if its just for the ice cream. Also I am going to send home all of my sd cards, the pics are so scrambled and you can print off the new ones, but then just delete the rest please! 
Ahh.... life is just good now. 
I am trying to get some sandals Rennes is really a lot hotter than Paris and I will be here until June, so I found a pair at a store here for 35 euros that look like they will work, my feet get so hot now, I feel like it just flipped a switch and in one day we went from winter to dead of summer. 
So i think the other set of soeurs in Rennes will close down, with the sisters going home, and only 1 coming in we just keep closing villes every transfer, so there is just not enough of us to keep everything going :( so I think I will go back to being a 2 man apartment, but we will know for sure this week. 
well love you all, have an amazing week!

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