Saturday, August 9, 2014

P DAY Letter July 29th ( with excerpts from July 25th letter)

     Hi there! This week on Sunday we were finally allowed to watch movies! They play four different church movies every Sunday and you can pick to go to one you want. So this week we went to Legacy which was good. We had an amazing devotional as well, ots of good insights. I finished ‘Our Heritage’ -awsesome book which gave me an extraordinary testimony of the Resoration ( le resstablisement en francais).  
     The Lord is seriously watching over you adn blessing us all. I know that He is blessing you all and it makes me so happy. Last night I woke up like three times, and each time the spirit told me I needed to go to the temple ASAP in the morning to do initiatiories. SO in the morning my companion and I woke up, I told her about it and we got ready as soon as we could, grabbed a granola bar and headed to the temple. When we got there the sign said, “women needed for initatory today”( its never said that, they are always looking for men) So we went in and did a bunch this morning and the spirit was so strong. I really feel like these women were needing it for something, they needed their work to be done. I’ve never had such strong spititual promptings before, but when we do, if we follow them the more they come and the more we learn adn are blessed. This week has been an answer to my prayers. 
     Thank you so much for your support and motivating words, it really helped, my companion is doing way better at the language. She’s really trying and growing tremendously. Its amazing to see someone learn a language. We are learning more tenses and its getting harder. They are slowly taking away our notes, and things and making us speak and rely on ourselves for the French. Its so hard sometimes, but everyday we see improvement and when everyone you surround yourself with is trying to speak it too, you learn and grow so much. I bought a ‘ 333 most common French verbs conjugated in 13 tenses’  book, lol, but its come in handy many times over. I love that stinking book. 
(July 25th letter) 
     Some good scriptures- Alma 26: 11-12, 42:15 We just finished teaching another lesson. It was really good. Today I learned that if you ever pray for a bettering characteristic, the Lord will give you that trial. So through Him, you may grow. Before my mission, I prayed for patience. My companion has been my answer to that prayer. Only with grown patience, and charity could we work together. My faith in God has grown immensely since i've been here. Thank you for your prayers for Soeur Erickson, her growth is insane. She's doing amazingly well!
    Every day here is a glimpse of eternity, and the more I learn the more I know how much I don't need to know. I just need faith. In Alma 26:27, Ammon is about to leave because of all the persecution he's receiving, but the Lord tells him "bear thine afflictions with patience and I will give you success". I know this mission will be very hard with these people, but His  life was not easy and His name I bear everyday. Life was never meant to be easy, but with the Lord we can be happy through it. 
     Loving the mission, love to all, 

Soeur Stevens

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